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How to Get a Divorce in California


A marriage falling apart is never an easy thing to come to terms with. It can be a painful process that takes a long time to heal from. A marriage ending can also cause a lot of financial discord. Financial discord often arises from arguments over bank accounts, assets, debt, and child support payments. If you live in California and want to seek a divorce then you may be wondering what your next step is. This article can help you with figuring out how to get a divorce in the state of California.


The first step for anyone considering a divorce is to consult with a divorce lawyer at A divorce lawyer will be able to answer specific questions and give advice that those without law experience wouldn't have. They can also let you know what the best steps would be to try and end the marriage as amicably as possible. This can be very beneficial and is known as a collaborative divorce. A collaborative divorce is when a couple can reach a settlement out of court that both agree upon.


You can get a collaborative divorce in California with the help of a skilled lawyer. They will typically work with your spouse's lawyer to help mediate an agreement that works for both you. Some things that may be up for discussion in the agreement process are child support, custody, alimony, and division of assets. These are all very important topics that should be discussed with a lawyer in advance and thought about clearly. It is important that both parties get a fair deal and that you can both agree on the terms in order to be able to come to a binding settlement.  Watch to learn more about divorce.


If there is no way that an agreement can be made then it must be decided in court. This often requires court appearances and for testimony to be given in front of a judge. The judge will be the one that ultimately decides the divorce terms. It can also take a long time for it to end as there may be appeals and continuations in the process. Unfortunately, sometimes this is what must happen when there can be no agreement made. Divorce lawyers will help you get through the legal process in the best way that they can and represent you during all legal matters. They will try to get you a settlement out of court as that is ideal. If that cannot be done then they will present your case in court in front of the judge that is presiding over the case, check it out!