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A General Overview of Collaborative Divorce


Couples throw the term 'divorce' around all of the time without having a full understanding of what the term means. A divorce is the termination of a marriage contract. Because it is a legal matter, getting a divorce will take more than just filing some paperwork at city hall. To terminate a binding marriage agreement, both parties have to be in agreement, unless there are other extenuating circumstances like abuse of infidelity. In the absence of these circumstances, filing for divorce is really a collaborative effort, requiring the cooperation of the participants and the willingness to work together for the long term good of everyone involved.


The term used to distinguish the type of divorce mentioned above from the traditional divorce in which the divorcing parties generally treat eachother like enemy combatants, is collaborative divorce. This is possible under certain conditions, particularly when both parties involved in the divorce want to dissolve the marriage due to irreconcialable differences and are willing to work together to ensure that all of the family members are able to do what is required of them to ensure that the divorce does not end up causing everyone in the family undue harm.


Traditionally, families have been dragged through divorces. In the past, mothers would have to do everything possible to get a fair amount of child support to take care of themselves and the children. Today, however, the attitudes of families have changed a great deal. Mothers are likely to be much more financially independent and may not need as much support from the father to keep the family going. Today fathers often want to share custody of the children or even have full time custody of one or more of the children. In many cases, fathers today are as likely to seek child support from mothers with successful careers as mothers are to seek financial support from fathers. Know more about divorce in


When you are in the midst of a divorce and want to ensure that your children are not emotionally devastated by a divorce, it is important to get in touch with DETERMINING ALIMONY divorce attorney who is familiar with collaborative divorce proceedings. Through a collaborative divorce, you and your former spouse can implement a plan to ensure that your family members get the financial, emnotional and medical support to avoid the emotional upheaval that is normally involved with getting a divorce. They can also help you sort out the financial resources to best benefit everyone involved in the divorce.


There is no reason to treat your former spouse like an enemy. Through a collaborative divorce you can ensure that everyone gets what they are entitled to with conflict. To get started, all you need to do is search for a Claifornia divorce lawyer, or search the Internet forcollaborative divorce lawyers in your area. Know the BENEFITS TO COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE here!